National Non-Fiction November Resources

This page offers a variety of ideas, activities and downloadable resources to help you plan for National Non-Fiction November. These include bunting, posters and bookmarks to enhance your book corners and displays and to promote an interest in reading non-fiction for pleasure, as well as easy make and do activities for families, book groups and classes to enjoy. Here is a list of ideas to get you started. The World Around Us

Keep an eye on this page as we will be adding more resources over the next couple of months. Newer resources will be placed towards the top of the page. 

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Origami Bookmarks

Use this easy-to-follow video to learn the basics of making origami bookmarks. (See printable guide below). Then get inspired by illustrations and photos of animals, birds, reptiles and insects, picking out their key features to help you create your own ‘World Around Us’ designs. You will also find a wide range of images of bookmarks online. All you need is coloured origami paper (but you could also cut A4 paper down to size), scissors, glue, felt tips and other decorative items such as googly eyes, feathers and sequins. 

If you’re working with a group or class have ‘some I made earlier’ examples to show them what’s possible – but you’ll find that the children will be keen to design their own and you’ll be amazed at what they come up with!

Thank you to Maggy Woodley for the original idea and video. Here is the basic bookmark guide, which also includes images of a variety of designs. There are many more brilliant ideas, including an origami owl finger puppet/pencil topper, here.

The book mentioned in the video is no longer available from retailers, but you can order a copy directly from Maggie by contacting her at It costs £13.99 including UK postage.

By the way, this idea works equally well for book characters.



Posters To Collect

What On Earth Books are giving away a fantastic poster in each of the October and November issues of National Geographic Kids. If you don’t already subscribe, take the opportunity to try out this great magazine which makes the perfect choice for this year’s NNFN theme ‘The World Around Us’, AND obtain two beautiful, information-packed posters at the same time. Each poster features the NNFN logo in support of the Federation of Children’s Book Groups’ annual promotion of reading non-fiction for pleasure. Use the posters to encourage children and young people to engage with fascinating facts or to enhance your NNFN displays.

You can find out more about the magazine and subscription options here and you can find out more about What on Earth Books here



How to make a bird cake and more

If you are planning to focus on the birds in your garden, park, nearby nature reserve or local countryside during National Non-Fiction November, you may want to try out some of these brilliant bird-related activities provided by the RSPB. Click here. Almost all of these activities are easy to do, suitable for all ages and would be ideal to include in a Children’s Book Group event. 

If you make one of the bird feeders with your family, group or class, you could ask the children to keep a record of the birds they see visiting their feeder. Use an identification sheet like this as a guide or this but you may need to use this for different/less common birds.

Even better, borrow or buy a bird identification book or two! Here are some suggestions:







Use this bunting to decorate a display, book corner or library during National Non Fiction November. Simply print off on A4 paper, cut out and attach to a thin ribbon, using staples. You may, of course, prefer to ask the children you work with to create their own bunting by illustrating their favourite information books or Dewey classification numbers.









Recommended Book Posters

Customise one or more of these posters for classroom doors or windows or to form the basis of a display. They could be filled in either by individual members of staff and/or students. They are designed to be printed on A4 and would work equally well in Primary or Secondary Schools, libraries or book shops. See completed sample here Example. (When opening each document below, depending on how your computer is set up, you may need to select ‘Edit Document’ from the View tab at the top of the screen).
I am currently reading…
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